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MIC helps companies and their employeesto manage the
impatriation and expatriation process, the return of employees, French or foreign,
transferred for short or long-term assignments, to Paris, anywhere in France
and abroad.

Guaranteeing you a mobility management service from A to Z

Managing internationally mobile employeesgoes beyond the logistical
practicalities (finding a school and accommodation) because the human and intercultural
aspects are the main challenges,
often representing significant issues and coming in complex forms.

Taking into account in the expatriation scenario each individual, faced with a different cultural environment, helps facilitate the integration of the employee and his/her family.This is what makes expatriation an economic and human success, both for the company and its employees.

Facilitating the integration of your employees

Our tailored and individualised approach helps to find the right answers to all your company-related or personal issues.

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• Paris and its region • All of France • Abroad